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A tender grace

There's more to these sessions than you would think.

Most people think "Oh, you saw a psychic!" and might judge. Or, you could be afraid they would. But the truth is, people usually come for curiosity or they have a deep problem and they want healing. These are the tender sessions. People come to you because they're in pain.

There's a responsibility with someone's heart, and you have to both honor them, and be tender with them. It's a deeply personal thing. I realized this myself when I helped a friend through a particularly hard breakup.

It was one of those relationships where the other person has deep connections to you. I've known this friend for years and have seen her in other deep relationships but none affected her like this one. None made her question herself, none made her not eat, none tortured her so. I think we can all relate.

The part that really changed me was seeing my dear, beautiful friend cry. I've had clients cry during energy healings before, but never in a deep healing like this, and I realized how being with someone at this point in their life is actually a deep honor and, like holding a bird in your hands, you have to be tender.

It reminds me of the wedding photography I used to do, when we were at that moment just before the bride walked down the aisle and it was often just her and me. Can you imagine being witness to someone in that most important moment in their lives? It was tender and special, like that.

So that's part of the process, and I'm grateful for my friend for reminding and teaching me how to be with others when they need deep healing. It's like giving pure love, and tending to their hearts with hugs, caresses, respect, and kindness. I hope that's what everyone who visits me will experience as we explore their life's journey together.

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