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What kind of psychic am I? I’m a Coincidental Psychic

I’m often asked how I became a psychic, and what that looks like for me. I totally understand why you’re curious: it’s a fun topic and psychic readings are expensive and personal. You want to make sure that the person that you’re working with is intuitive, kind, and good for you and your heart. So let’s answer your question and talk about it! After mulling this over a bit, I created a name for it: I’m a Coincidental Psychic. And my friend says that I’m “intuitive in spades.”

There are lots of psychic people in the world. You, yourself, are probably very intuitive and psychic on many levels. There are wonderful books both about how to be psychic and chronicling important psychic’s lives, and they’re fascinating and fun to read. I highly recommend them–so much so, I made you a little list (find it here). :)

Some people are incredibly psychic and have been since they were children. They see spirits all around them as if they were regular, flesh-and-blood people. I even had the honor to meet one of these talented psychics recently–she hired me! Which is so funny, because I don’t have her incredible gift, in that way (I wish, wish, wish I did, even if just for a day). Some people can actually see auras. My neighbor was stopped by a stranger in Costco who just had to tell her that she had an incredibly sparkly aura. I also know people for whom being psychic is a difficult mess: they can’t leave their houses and go to busy places, like Costco, without bracing themselves for the onslaught of other people’s energy. I’m grateful that I’m not like that. I walk around totally unconscious to the spiritual world or other energies around me, unless I’m in a haunted or sacred space.

For me, I had prophetic dreams as a child. Bright, extremely realistic dreams that predicted the future, clearly. I would find myself, for just a moment, living out an experience. Then I’d wake up, tell my friend at school that day, and we’d wait for it to happen. We called these Future Dreams. You can read about this phenomenon by Stanford researcher Russel Targ in his book Limitless Mind. Also, I can almost always tell if a house, room, or place is haunted. I was trained in this as a young child, you could say, by the fact that my grandparents’ house was incredibly haunted. Like the “float a plate across the room” kind of haunted.

I also have psychics in my family line, particularly a red-haired aunt named Minnie.

When I was trying to assess what kind of psychic I am, though, I had to admit that it wasn’t easy. I used to be clairaudient as a child and played plenty of psychic games with friends. I am not an empathic psychic. I don’t see spirits. I don’t really hear them except very rarely. And I don’t see auras like that lady in Costco. So what am I? Well, strange predictive coincidences happen in my life all the time. That’s why I’m calling it a Coincidental Psychic.

Here’s an example: This morning, while driving to a thrift shop, I thought of a firefighter’s jacket that I gave a friend of mine six or seven years ago. At the thrift shop, I found another one for him in a different style. Or, perhaps more powerful, the other week I was driving my son to swim lessons and reliving a memory from my first marriage. In it, I changed the story and imagined that I called an old boyfriend and ended up leaving my husband and going to live with the boyfriend in Italy, marrying him instead. This was a little, imaginary fantasy that took all of three minutes of driving/daydreaming. We arrived at our destination, my little guy got in the water, and my phone rang. It was another ex-boyfriend having a crisis who asked me if I would leave my husband and stay with him instead, for real life. This was about 15 minutes after my little reverie. This happens all the time. And it’s probably happened to you: You think of a friend, then they call. You think of a song, and it plays on the radio. Etc.

When they happen, I’m not thinking that “this is a psychic moment!” I’m just living normal life. The psychic people I know, like the empaths, always know when they’re being psychic: they can’t help it. The information is everywhere. For me, I’m just in la-la land, then later I’ll see how it unfolds in surprising ways.

For the psychic readings, I see everything like dream images. On occasion I can feel things. Very rarely I can get a sense of someone’s voice. Sometimes I see things wrong but the message comes across as right to the client. Mostly, however, I’m a visual psychic who sees flashes of imagery. Again, like dreams, or like standing in a movie. Except for haunted houses. That stuff is palpable.

Anyways! Those are my psychic skills. A totally unaware psychic most of the time and a very focused one for my sessions.

I hope this answers your questions, and I can’t wait to work with you in the future.

Big hugs,

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P.S. Another silly example! After finishing this letter, I sent a text to my neighbor as some street workers took out her blackberries. To close the text well, I chose a mad-looking blackberry-like emoji, one I’d never, ever used before. Then, a few hours later, another neighbor handed me her house key… with the same emoji on it. Ha! There it is again. ;)

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