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Book Club

Want to learn how to develop your psychic senses or learn more about manifestation and spirituality in a delightful way? Meet your kindred spirits in the pages of these wonderful books. I'm often asked about what I do and how my clients can learn more about it. These books offer wonderful glimpses into the clairvoyant world, and explain things really well. 
I'm not getting any kickbacks for recommending these books. I just like them and want to share them with you.


The Light Between Us

This wonderful book by Laura Lynne Jackson tells the personal story of how she navigated being a psychic child and how she developed her gifts and found her true passion. She invites you into her life as if you're sitting in her room, sharing a cup of tea, and watching it unfold like a movie. This is a pleasant and wonderful read. 

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The Law of Divine Compensation, on Work, Money and Miracles

This little book by Marianne Williamson is a deep read into miracles, and explains how doing your spiritual work, the work that you were put on this planet to do, leads to great and wonderful changes in your life. 

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Ceramic Vase
Flowers in Sock

Everyday Clairvoyant

By Cindi Dale. I love all of her books, and she has some great and simple books about increasing your clairvoyant and energy healing skills. They're great reads.  This book talks about her personal journey of being a psychic in the world. It's a nice read.

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Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near Death Experience
by Kenneth Ring

This is an incredible book that talks about the near death experience, and what we can expect to experience after we die. It's a very comforting book, a well-written read, and incredibly informative. Highly recommend.

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