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It's an honor to work with each of my clients, and I'm deeply grateful. If you're ready to work together or you'd like to learn more, contact me here. 

Each healing that I have received from Paige has been insightful, thorough, and effective. She worked with me to move energy that was stuck in my reproductive system and helped to reset my hormones. I truly believe that the healings from Paige helped me to conceive and joyfully deliver a child and I will always be grateful for all of the help she has given me.

- Esther, Portland 

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Image by Irina Iriser
Colorful Flowers

Paige did a wonderful past life reading for me. She was very professional and the experience was very calming. It gives me great perspective to hear about my past lives and what message my soul wants me to recognize in this lifetime.

Thank you, Paige!

- Elizabeth, Portland, OR

Oh yeah!  I've been meaning to blame you for the twins! Remember that energy healing you gave me??? You healed me too much, lady!

- S, Portland, OR 

Paige did a remote reading with me and she was phenomenal.

I wish I'd recorded it. 

- Katherine, Portland, OR

Welcoming and Helpful

Paige has such a welcoming, accepting, and calming presence. She tuned right into things that were unexpected (while also 100% accurate), but truly very helpful and what I most needed to hear in that moment. Her office space is warm and inviting, and parking was a breeze. Highly recommend!

- Holly, Portland OR

My first energy healing session was very comforting and gentle. Paige helped move some negative or 'sticky' energy out which made room for happiness and joy. She was very friendly and communicative. Her office is conveniently located. Thank you, Paige :)

- Lauren, Portland OR

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