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Healing Self Care Reading | With Energy Healing & Transformation

Healing Self Care Reading | With Energy Healing & Transformation


 This is a very special reading that's fun, beautiful, and informative. If you want a psychic reading but don't know what you want exactly, of if you're celebrating a self care day, then you might love looking into the energy of happiness, ease, and feeling fulfilled that's in your pat, then shift your energy today to bring in the above. xo


  • Look at a past life in which you felt wonderful, at ease, happy and content. You felt loved and appreciated. Or a past life in which you spent a good, important amount of time feeling this way. We’ll ask your spirit to show you a life like this that has special meaning for you in your life now. We’ll look at the themes, the messages, and how it relates to you.

  • Energy. Then we’ll ask God to give you energy that matches the wonderful feelings of that past life. We’ll ask for pure energy without any karma or anything else from the life. Just the feel goods.

  • Valentine Making: Next we’ll look at areas in your life where you would like more beauty, joy and a deepening of satisfaction and contentment. Then we’ll do some energy work to help make space for that in your life and to bring it in.

  • And, you know, each reading is different and different things come up, so we’ll take it from there and see what happens.

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