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Love, Light, Healing

If you've come to this page, then you're ready to work together. I'm so grateful and excited to work with you. 


I have a beautiful, little office where we can talk about your heart, your specific needs, and how we can help you clairvoyantly and energetically. We can meet in person or over video. 


I've read for women in Los Angeles; Portland, Oregon; Washington D.C.; London, and more. 

If, say, it's your birthday and you're treating yourself to a reading, or someone has gifted you one and you're not sure what kind of reading you'd like, I've listed some of my favorites below.  

Rose Reading 


Rose readings are wonderful, clairvoyant sessions where we explore two past lives that have to do with themes that you’re living through now, then we explore each of your 7 major chakras to see what information is stored there that can help you best in this life. We'll look into your: 

- body and physical space

- emotions

- career and how you manifest best 

- heart and affinities 

- how you communicate and what can help you 

- how you see the world and how others see you 

- your spiritual space 

This is a very in-depth clairvoyant reading, and it will give you a lot of helpful information and insights into your life. This one hits so many categories, it's really a valuable reading. 

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Intuitive Readings & Healing 

Intuitive readings are always big healing sessions. There may be a lot of energy movement, releasing old ties to people and events that don’t serve you, and enhancing wonderful things that do. Expect the unexpected, because sometimes we never know what will come up. You can ask questions and learn about your life and your soul’s journey. Or find out why your pet is acting so quirky. It’s really up to you.


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Energy Healing 


Are you a massage therapist or other healer? Or did you just end a relationship? Perhaps you've been feeling over-stressed and like nothing is easy right now. You might need a simple energy healing. This is a short, in-person session where we clear your energy channels and your chakras, remove cords, rebalance your energetic state, heal any cracks in your aura and remove simple entities that might be in your space. This is a great way to reset and start fresh. 

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