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Are you an out-of-control Manifestor?

We all want to manifest, right? And the truth is, we all manifest constantly, forging this experience of our lives. But are we doing it consciously? If not, we might be out-of-control manifestors, creating a little bit of chaos on occasion, instead of calm abundance. But with some gentle intention, you can change your manifestation and bring in more of what you want and love.

Let me give you an example of how I created chaos, and how I gently fixed it:

There is a small manifestation trick that I’ve often used to get more clients.

This trick involves hiding a dollar with a little note that says “Have a great day!” or something sweet on it, then asking the universe to return the funds in a bigger way. You think of that dollar as a seed and it returns to you as the fruit. It’s an easy and fun, and often profitable, manifestation trick.

So I was doing it a lot when my son went back to school because my schedule opened up and, out of nowhere, I received two job offers. I didn’t ask for these jobs; in fact, for the second one, I went to a meeting not realizing that it was a job interview. Imagine my surprise when I was offered the job!

Of course, I’d forgotten about the manifestation tricks and didn’t realize these were related. I was just in awe of the strange coincidence of being offered two jobs at the same time out-of-nowhere.

And I decided to take the second job. It was outside with wonderful people, in a healing environment. This wasn’t a financial decision for me; it was simply a decision based on joy and health. I thought it would bring more joy to my life.

What I didn’t realize was that adding this wonderful work to my life would be hard because of all of the other things going on, including my other two jobs (my business and Artist-in-Residence position) and being a full time parent.

After a few months I was tapped out physically and emotionally because I had so much going on. Finally, when a friend came over and stayed until 9:30 p.m. on a day when I was physically exhausted, I just laid down and cried.

And it hit me: I suddenly remembered that I’d done all those little manifestation tricks with no real clarity or direction. I just asked them to increase my finances, so that’s exactly what the universe did. I even got options! But because I hadn’t given more specifics, I increased my finances AND an incredible amount of overwhelm and burnout.

So what I did was get specific in a simplistic and fun way. I went back to my tiny manifestation trick and said, “please bring me the money in a fun, easy, and totally unexpected way.”

Fun. Ease. Unexpected.

When you ask the universe for things, or visualize what you want with emotion, don’t forget to add in “fun, joy, and ease.” Or whatever specific is important to you. That’s how you can be more in control of your manifestation, cultivating more ease instead of chaos.

Because of this experience, I’m re-assessing my life and what’s important to me, and how I want to live it. I’ll be cutting down on extraneous work, and, when I manifest, I’ll be way more clear on the ease and joy part which, of course, includes more clients. Psychic work is one of my deepest joys and most fulfilling work, along with painting.

I hope this helps YOU manifest with more clarity, so that instead of leaving it up in the air, you give a little direction to that manifestation energy, like rocks directing a stream. This way, as your life unfolds in wonderful and abundant ways, it’s also easier, better, and more fun along the way.

Big hugs!

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