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Healing is a Symphony, not a Solo... and why I'm not a Medical Medium. xo

I was inspired to write this little note to you by an article I read, about a “medical intuitive,” a very, very famous one, who caused harm instead of helping. We’ve all searched for deeper meaning and spiritual help in our lives, and some people tap into that and claim that they can heal others when they can’t, which is what happened in the article I read. It made me think about this kind of work and ethics, and why I do what I do, and what I don’t do.

I believe that energy work helps with healing. I truly do. But when it comes to looking at someone’s physical space I don’t feel confident and know that, often, I’m not getting the whole picture. For example: for one client, I saw that she was sick in bed in an upstairs bedroom, and it turned out this was true. But I didn’t know that she was going through cancer. I only saw part of the story…. and that’s how it is with most readings. For me, looking at someone’s energy is like walking into a cave with a flashlight. All I can see is whatever’s in that circle of light. So what happens if I inevitably miss something, or if I’m having an off day, or the client is, and reading is difficult?

Also, there are legal ramifications for making medical claims, as you know.

A potential client emailed me in desperation because she needed help with sleeping, and I had to tell her that I can’t promise physical outcomes. I could only say that I’ll work with her energy and hope for the best. She didn’t hire me and that’s OK.

If I’ve worked with you, you’ve probably heard me say that I can’t diagnose or make promises. You just have to trust that this whole energy thing is real and we go from there. In my office, there’s some “woo,” and that’s just part of the process.

As a former nurse, I believe in science, and I have a general understanding of how the body works. I will always recommend that clients see real, allopathic doctors, and that they have a healing team.

If a healer guarantees that they can heal you, that is a sign to open your care team to more opinions, and maybe to run, not walk, away from that person. If they say they can work with your energy to help you on your healing journey, then great. Another tool in your toolbox!

And, of course, it’s your life. It’s all up to you.

Just please be wary of folks who promise miracles. Healing is a symphony, not a solo.

If you want to read about a real medical intuitive who helped rather than harmed, and who understood the life journey, then I would check out any book by Carolyn Myss, Ph.D. She writes with grace and her work, though very dense at times, is also very insightful.

Biggest of hugs to you,

  • Paige

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