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How to find the right psychic for you.

You’d love to see a psychic, or you need to see a psychic/healer, but you don’t know where to go or how to know if this is the person for you.

I’ve heard stories from friends, and experienced them myself, where people claiming to be psychics have caused real harm. A friend of mine had a family member who told her, when she was a child, that she’d been “bad” in a past life. What a terrible thing to say to a child. This beautiful, wonderful woman who I’m honored to call my friend, told me that she’d carried this guilt for being “bad” in a past life for her entire life, thinking that she was less than and not worthy because of it. That “psychic,” is an example of someone using their supposed ability to hurt another person. Plus, no one has perfect past lives.

In my own experience, I had a traumatic experience where a close family friend, who was also a psychic, told us that my stepfather, who was in the hospital after collapsing, would need a pacemaker and would be fine. I hung onto her words like an achor… but they weren’t true. I later asked her why she lied about the pacemaker, and she said that she said it to comfort my mother. I can’t blame her wanting to comfort, but lying hurt me, rather than helping in this time of need.

When you’re looking for a sensitive intuitive person to help you, go with your gut. Select someone from recommendations from friends. Word-of-mouth is great. Choose someone who seems truly interested in you and your story, and who really wants to help you. They’ll listen to you, they’ll smile and you’ll feel instantly welcomed in their space. They’ll be calm and want to help you. They won’t give off airs of knowing everything, because they have enough experience to understand that every session is unique, and you never truly know what will come up. They know that this is a sacred session.

My favorite psychics, well, one makes me laugh all the time. The other has her clients in for tea, and you sit and drink tea and chat for over a half hour before the work even begins. They honor you. They’re women who welcome you into these little hearts, little offices, and they love you.

I would choose and recommend someone welcoming like that.

If the person says anything mean or demeaning or that makes you feel less-than, then turn around and run.

If they show you love, deep kindness and respect, and you feel good being in their presence, then listen to that intuition… and have some laughter and tea.

Listen to your intuition. Xo

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