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Premonitions / What I'm thinking about

Last fall, I had this deep knowingness… like a strong *feeling* that we needed to prep for food shortages. We needed to stock up.

There was no reason for this deep, profound feeling that haunted me for about a month. Doing dishes? We need to stock up! Walking into the kitchen: We need more pasta, coffee, and chocolate, just in case.

We were on our way out of the pandemic and the stores were fine and full. We were fine. But I kept thinking… We need to save food. We need to stock up on food.

I questioned this strange feeling, thinking, “This is residue from last time. I’m feeling this because the season is changing and that’s when we had food issues.” Yeah, that was it. It was because the shorter days and longer nights were reminding me of that trauma. No other reason, surely. Let it go.

So, did I listen to my feeling? Yes, a little, and not really. I didn’t listen and stock up on food. We had a stocked pantry and the stores looked fine. Everything looked fine. But we did decide to buy our Christmas presents in September, just to be safe, and we got some Thanksgiving fixings super early. Then, later, there were shipping issues and some folks were worried about a poor Christmas present selection. Not a big deal, as we’d been covered for months.

And, most importantly, we bought a kitten stuffie for my son that was almost sold out. As in, we got the very last one. He’s in LOVE with these baby kittens called Lil’ Handfuls by Douglas and, for whatever reason, they stopped making or supplying them in the fall. So that was great.

This February, it happened again.

I had a strong feeling that we needed to plant a garden. A feeling that persisted for weeks. That I needed to start seedlings. What was going on? I looked up planting times (can you germinate seeds in February?) and told one or two friends who I knew wouldn’t judge me. The thing that’s ironic is that I’m a D+ gardener. In fact, my whole first crop of seedlings died. I just planted my second crop last week and today, out-of-the-blue, we got snow in April. Snow! It was in the 70’s last week!

So why did I have this strong urge to garden when both attempts failed? Who knows. Will I keep trying? Yes.

Am I saying that we should all expect food shortages and to plant your garden now? No. All I’m saying is that when you have a strong feeling, trust it. Trust your intuition. If it isn’t going to harm anyone, then just listen to it and see where it leads you. My strong intuition to stock up helped save the baby kitty Christmas my son dreamed of. The gardening urge? Who knows.

My intuitive abilities are strong in prophesy, but sometimes short on explanation.

Pete A. Sanders, Jr., who studied brain science at MIT and wrote You Are Psychic! said that intuitive/prophetic folks can have these disadvantages (pg. 85):

  • “Impressions are fleeting and sometimes hard to capture

  • Impressions frequently come with no other supporting information

  • Hardest psychic sense to trust initially”

This week, while dropping my son off at school, instead of saying “I love you,” I reached down, zipped up his little shirt, and said, “Stay safe!” then thought ‘Why did I say that?’ Then, for the next hour or so, I had a panicky feeling until his teacher texted me that he fell four times and was crying and wanted to go home.

When I dropped my son off, all I thought was, “That was weird. Why did I say that?” When I had the feeling to stock up on food, and the feeling to plant a garden, there was no additional information being offered. No words saying “shipping containers will be stuck, Christmas presents will be in short supply. Get your baby kitty now!” But I still listened and made moves in the direction of my hunch. I bought presents early, told him to stay safe, and am trying to plant a garden around here, people!

It takes time to train yourself to listen to your hunches. If you’ve been thinking about a friend all day, reach out to her. Chances are, something might be going on and she needs a friendly text. If you hesitate to leave your car without a jacket, even though the weather seems fine, grab it. No harm, no foul. Listen to your gut.

Listening to your intuition will help you develop your psychic skills and, sometimes, make your life easier. You might not always know what it’s about right away, but you will be honoring and tending to yourself, and that feels right.

So I’m listening. If you want, join me in planting a garden this year, friends. If anything, for the joy of planting.

Big hugs.

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