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Self Worth and Personal Destinies

Self worth. It’s such a big, heartfelt topic, and it affects so many aspects of our lives. It keeps us from moving toward our dreams, or it gives us buoyancy and helps us experience more pleasure than we thought possible. It’s so important to understand what can be hindering your self worth, and how to bring it forward, so it can help you get closer to the things, experiences, and moments that bring you true joy.

As I was working with a friend last week, I was reminded how so many aspects of our self worth are created in childhood. This beautiful, strong woman struggles with self worth and, looking into it, I saw her as a child, as an ice skater. I already knew that ice skating was an important part of her childhood, but in this particular moment, she was sitting in the locker room after a performance and judging herself for a poor job. She wasn’t kind to herself, and was literally telling and teaching herself that she wasn’t good at life. Moments like these are powerful ones, and they teach us who we are, and affect how we relate to the world. And they’re moments where our very young selves change the course of our personal destinies.

Part of my work with my friend was re-writing that moment, and letting go of the energy around it… and letting her adult self forgive herself, and let go and move into today. The shift, of letting go of these unconscious beliefs created as children, is huge.

This life lesson was unexpected, and that’s what makes our journey so interesting: it’s often full of Easter eggs with larger, deeper, powerful messages.

You are not your childhood admonitions. You are a beautiful, wild, firefly. You are the lighting in the storm and the calm after. You’re bigger than you believe you are.

Remember that.

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