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The UnPsychic: Funny Notes & Special Moments

Photo by Barbara Olsen

What’s it like, being psychic? Well… for me, personally, I don’t walk around reading people’s minds and seeing their auras. I *wish* I could do that. I do know two people who can hear what other folks are thinking but I won’t hear the punchline to your joke in advance. And auras? That whole rainbow that you can see with your eyes, clear as day? My vision is too clear, I guess. I do get ocular migraines, but it’s definitely not the same! ;)

My friend got stopped by someone in Costco who told her, in awe, that her aura was breathtaking. Don’t you feel a little jealous hearing that?! I was a little, because how fun would it be to have someone stop you in Costco and compliment your aura? And also to see auras like that?! Double jealous?

What about ghosts? My very good friend can see beings and it’s fun to go out with him because he’ll describe who’s near me while I have no idea. I’ll just sit there, sipping my latte, totally oblivious to the spiritual world that’s all around us.

It’s like I’m the not-psychic psychic over here. The UnPsychic. At least while living my wonderful, daily life. I’m a mom, a painter, and a person of the world who doesn’t see auras, ghosts, visions, etc.

I am a skilled psychic. I just won’t look at you and read your mind. Instead, I meditate, go to a calm place in my mind, and look at you with deliberate intention. Then I can tell you what comes up.

Sometimes my shyness and insecurity can get in the way, but like a piano player improves her skills with practice, I can play the harder songs now. And I’ve learned to share what I see despite my shyness.

An example? Recently I read for a woman with flowy long hair and a long, also flowy blue dress. She had a very urban, soft feeling about her. When I looked into her energy, I saw her riding a horse with an old ticket in her hand and some coins. Kind of like the Wild West. This was wholly incongruous with who she seemed to be.

Cautiously, I asked “Are you planning on going on a trip?” too afraid to mention the whole horse thing because it seemed so wrong and out-of-place.

“Um, I just got back from a trip,” she said. “I travel a lot.”

OK, maybe I definitely got it wrong. She is not a horsewoman. Plus, she already went on a trip. But by now I’ve learned to just say what I see when this happens.

“Maybe… maybe this is wrong or doesn’t make sense, but I see you horseback riding,” I said. “You have a ticket in your hand and it’s a Western feeling. The colors are soft reds and oranges, and you’re going on a trip.”

“Oh,” she said. “That makes sense. We’ve been talking about going to a dude ranch for years. There’s a particular one where you go and ride horses and totally disconnect from the world for a week. I don’t have the money right now but…” and she got all dreamy-eyed.

“I would start saving for that trip,” I said. “It’s all over your space.”

Would you like to hear a funny story? When I was just starting out, I was so shy and insecure, I asked my neighbors if I could practice on them, and do a spiritual walk-through of their house, describing to them what their houses looked like over the phone. This was so I could test my skills and get stronger before opening my office.

My now very good friend let me practice on her and she decided to test me. As I was describing her living room, she started to tip-toe into her kitchen! Then I said something like “Wait, it’s changing,” and started to describe her kitchen as she stood frozen, mid-step, between the two rooms like a deer caught in headlights. Haha.

Another interesting moment was when I did an emergency call for a client’s friend who was visiting. I put my hands in his energy field and found that he was covered in foreign energy and asked “Where were you?”

“Huh?” He asked.

“Where were you?” I asked again, as in ‘Where did you go to pick up all this energy?’

“Oh, I was just in Mecca,” he said.

Ah. MECCA. Of course. (Wow)

Would you like to hear a sweet moment?

I was hired by a very psychic client and her mom, so they could connect with her grandma. When the grandma came in, I saw this image of her reading a story to her little girl (the mom) with the message, which I said, “You will always be my baby.” And that’s when the mom, who was teary-eyed, said, “I just said thank you for being such a great mom.”

Now, would you like to hear a tiny warning? ;)

It’s only this: Maybe have second thoughts about getting a mini psychic reading for fun. Recently I was hired by three women who were going on a friend date. They were going to go antique shopping, go out to eat, and celebrate the day. So they hired me to give them mini readings.

Well, in a psychic reading big topics can come up… which meant that two of the three women were crying before the date even started! Probably not the way you want to start your fun day! My heart went out to them and there were hugs, of course, and I hope the sessions were ultimately healing. <3

To be fair, another friend warned me this would happen. Her mom was a skilled psychic and palm reader and stopped doing informal readings because people expected party tricks and, instead, got real, heartfelt readings. But somehow I didn’t connect the dots until last weekend.

So if you’re looking for a fun, lightweight activity with friends, maybe don’t get a psychic reading! :) Or just get an energy healing.

Those are my fun notes and experiences for you! I hope you all have a really wonderful day and week. If you’re looking for a psychic reading for yourself or a friend, please don’t hesitate to book a session and spend an hour in my office. It’s like visiting a friend and is a super sweet experience. And I promise I will try to not make you cry! And if you do, I have plenty of tissues and hugs for everyone. Xoxoxoxoxo

Love and light to you,

  • Paige

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