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Sacred Money

When I began giving readings, I wasn’t prepared for the real work being with clients and giving them sacred space. I wasn’t prepared for people to open their hearts and pour out their feelings and, often, cry. No one told me that I’d need tissues in my office. It was something my teachers didn’t teach me… but you did. You also taught me about the sacredness of money. You know, with a regular job, you get paid and you’re like “Sweet! Pay day! I’m free!” and that’s it. The funds are a bonus of your work, but they don’t have deep meaning, in a way. They’re not like jewels or heirlooms or anything like that. It’s often just voila! More money in the bank—thank you! Well, that isn’t the case when I do my psychic work. Not. At. All. And this was an interesting phenomena for me, because it’s different than the normal, human experience, I think, of getting paid. It’s almost as if my clients pay me with sacred money. It’s sacred money because of what it represents, which is heartfelt emotion, energy work, understanding and, hopefully, healing. It’s sacred because of where it came from: It may have come from someone with cancer, in the throes of their treatment. Or someone who lost their mother recently. Or someone who is struggling with money and scraped up $150 to try to change her situation. For one of my recent clients, when she pulled the money out of her purse and handed it to me, it was so much more than face-value. It was a huge sacrifice for her and it represented all of the pain she was living through and the healing she was actively creating. It was part of her current story. When I accepted her payment, I didn’t know what to do with it. It was, honestly, too precious and too special. It represented so much. So I kept it in my wallet for over two weeks. Finally, after enough time had passed, I gently dispersed it into my family’s Yosemite fund, where I’m saving “fun money,” for each of us, my young child included. That felt right to me. That felt like another sacred, life vessel. I think Jesus talks about this when he talks about the poor woman who gives money to the church, and he says that her money is worth more because of the sacrifice. Her money is sacred, just like that client’s money was. Or let’s put it this way: A friend told me recently that she always accepts art sales on layaway, because she knows that the people who do layaway really, really want the art, and they’re working and sacrificing to own it. It’s sacred, because it means more than the money. Yes, I have given away energy healings and readings for free. If someone has been through something incredibly traumatic, I may ask them to come back for an energy healing, and I think anyone with a heart would do the same. I give small readings to you, Wild Dreamers, because it’s fun and I like giving them to you. And when people pay me, they are sacrificing and doing something important for them, and I really honor and cherish it. I honor and cherish it because these sessions are more than “psychic readings.” They’re healings. They’re times I get to meet you and learn your story. They’re times that I get the honor of sharing time with you, in your life. That time is sacred, because you are sacred. Your story is sacred. And this time together is deeply special. You are sacred. Each payment means not only that I got to do something that I really love, it also means that I got to be in your presence for an hour, to look into your story, and see where we can change your energy and your destiny. Change your path if you want to. Learn and grow and heal, if possible. Thank you for teaching me the value of our time together which, to me, honestly, is priceless. With love,
Paige xo

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