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Flipping Faults into Benefits at Wild Milk & Honey xo

I was driving down Hawthorne and went past that psychic shop with the big, neon PSYCHIC sign in the window and thought, again, that that must be fun. I wondered who works there and if she is deeply intuitive and fell into the business because of that, or if it’s a collective where intuitive people see tourists and others all day for a few minutes at a time. If so, how are they trained? What are their skills? Who knows.

My work is a little bit different. And as I was worrying before seeing a client today, I realized that my worry is a sign that I care deeply, and that is a good thing. So what other “faults” of mine, at Wild Milk & Honey, could be positive for you? Let’s take a look!

I don’t work with a lot of people

This deeply spiritual and beautiful work is part of my life, while being a full time mom is another part of my life. That’s just where I am right now. When I see you, you aren’t part of a never-ending stream of people. You are special, and seeing and working with you is an event for me. This also gives me time to think about ways to make each session special, lets me prepare for you before your session, and lets me think about the mission of Wild Milk & Honey.

I worry about doing a good job

I care deeply about this work. It’s an investment for you, and it’s important to me. So I prepare for each session, go over sessions in my mind afterwards, and I really strive to help, if I can. Because I worry about being skilled enough, I read deeply and take extra classes. The worry is like a step stool that helps me reach higher and strive for better. It also, simply, means that I care deeply about this work.

I have to trust and be open to failure

This work is all about Trust. I have to go out on a limb and say something that seems or feels wrong or out-of-place often. You might hear me say, “this might not resonate, but I’m seeing x, y or z.” This is because some piece of information might make zero sense to me, but mean something to you. Learning to trust what you see is the way to serve your clients, and it’s an exercise in humility and strength.

For example, one time I looked into a client’s daughter and said, “Does she like pancakes?” because that’s what I saw—a big stack of pancakes with the butter and syrup and everything. The client looked at me quizzically and said “no…” and I said, “ah, OK, that’s just what I’m seeing,” and shrugged. Well, it turned out that the client and her daughter got brunch together all the time! I went through the experience of feeling wrong and yet, actually, it made sense later. I get to experience the feeling of saying the wrong thing often, and have learned, over time, to get used to it. I’m still working on it, to be honest.

Here’s another fun example, involving my mentor. She looked into a parent of mine, who had passed away, and said, “OK, this might seem really weird but he’s showing me a bag of flour.” Not weird at all, as that day my husband and I had bought a 50lb bag of flour. She, my mentor, shows me how to share easily and effortlessly, and to say, “that’s just want I see,” and move on. It’s all about trust. Trusting what you’re seeing and trusting that it will make sense in some way, some time, either now or later, hopefully.

I am aware of my limits

I can’t tell you how much easier this would be if I was clairaudient. I don’t walk around seeing auras and I don’t hear other people’s thoughts throughout my day. I also I don’t see ghosts, though I’m pretty sensitive to haunted places. Why does this serve you? Because I went through training. Like a pianist, I was born with an ear for the music, and I also went through years of training and lessons. I’m deeply grateful for my training, training that I might not have done if I’d had any of the above skills.

I can play songs. I can listen to you and think, “let’s try this technique,” or “let’s look at a timeline then.” I can feel your energy with my hands, or I can look into it intuitively. I have a lot of experience, skills, and techniques to bring to the table and, if something is truly unique and needs creative thinking, I will look into it and see what else we can do.

So when you see me, you’re not seeing someone who fills a room and life with her psychic abilities all the time, every day. You’re seeing a mom/friend/neighbor who learned, slowly, to blow on that flame and tend to the fire to make it warm, nice, and comforting for you. Who knew how to sing but also had to learn all of the words. That’s my song for you. I’ve prepared for you.

I hope that sharing with you some of my “shortcomings” also shows you how deeply I care about serving you in this line of work. I’m often not the most psychic person in the room, and OFTEN my clients are deeply psychic themselves. I’m just someone who loves this work, loves you, and finds it an honor to work with you. So, honestly, Thank You so much for coming to see me and letting me work with you.

Big hugs to you, my friends, and thank you for reading!

-Paige xo

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