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Live the life you want to live, with the skilled craftsmanship of a trained psychic and energy healer who lovingly sets each reading, and each healing, with the eye of an artist to restore your energetic balance and bring clarity to your life so that you can begin to live your dreams now, creating a life that you love more than yesterday, with a future that you'll look forward to.


This is what what I want for you, and is the goal with every reading. 


I love this work and it’s an honor meet and spend time with my clients, who I think of as family. I guarantee that I will meet you where you are with dignity, care, and attention. If you don’t leave my office feeling cared for and understood, then I will refund your investment. So feel free to book a session knowing that I stand behind my work, and you’re safe to try it, too.

Flower Arrangements

Christina, Portland OR

Paige has a wonderfully serene and comforting presence and office space. In a mere 45 minute session she brought me comfort, inner calm and a moment of connection and peace with 2 dear, departed souls. I'm genuinely uneasy and somewhat cynical when it comes to these gifts and those that practice them, but I can honestly say Paige is as sincere and genuine as they come. She and her healing energy have so much to offer the world, her gift of clairvoyance is merely one of them. I left her office with many thoughts and emotions, many awakened curiosities, and so much gratitude.

Colorful Flowers

"Absolutely beautiful. This reading all makes sense. I appreciate you so much for doing this. I’m going to cherish this forever."
- Connie in WY


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