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Treating Your Body Like a Sacred Space

Tiny Love Letter about Healing:

As you know, I am constantly learning and evolving, and I recently learned an energy technique that was deeply meaningful, that I want to share with you because it’s so special, and sometimes my clients like to read about my sessions and what I do. And also, most importantly, you can apply it to your life for energy healing.

I’m always training. I sign up for extra intense, psychic workshops throughout the year and almost flew to New York to take a class this spring. I’m also constantly reading to learn and understand more because, when you love a subject, you want to learn as much as possible about it. I’m fascinated by psychic work and love picking up new techniques for healing and reading, because it’s beautiful, it’s fun, and I can better serve you.

Recently, a very sweet client came to me because she wanted some deep energy healing in her body. She decided to see a psychic and energy healer as part of her healing journey.

When a client sits in my big, comfy white chair, I assess and think of so many options I could use. So many techniques that I learned in a class, that I trained in, and that I read about. And sometimes I’m not sure which one to employ. That’s what happened with her. And then I realized:

Treat her body, and this part of her body, like a sacred space.

If you’ve worked with me, you know that I set up my office for you before your session. I set the energetic stage, matching your energy and what you need, which I discover as I meditate for you beforehand.

So why not do the same for her, for this part of her body? I cleaned that chakra and area of her body, then I filled it with sacred energy in the same way that I set up my office and that I heal a sacred space or house, essentially treating that part of her as if it’s a room, addressing the walls, the ceiling and floor, and then filling it in with nourishing energy and positive intention. Yes, I did many other healing techniques for her, but this one was special and new, and that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

When and if you’re sick, I would encourage you to do the same. You can ground that part of your body and then fill it with nourishing, wonderful energy. Think of it as a room, and visualize it healing and being filled with golden light and love. Address the walls, the ceiling, the floor. Get still and visit with your body and visualize. This helps to set the stage and change your energetic space.

This client didn’t have cancer, but there’s a wonderful book on cancer called Radical Remission that touches on this a bit. In one story, a man with cancer gets still every morning and sends love to his whole body, including the cancer, saying it’s part of him. That quietness and that love, he believed, was an integral part of his healing. You can focus on your body and send it love. And, in your heart and body, try to feel the love throughout.

In the future, if you come to me with a specific healing issue that you want worked on, I’ll probably be setting your space in that location in your body, as if it’s a sacred room…

Because that is another beautiful healing technique and you deserve beauty, love, and golden energy. You deserve miracles. And you deserve a kind and caring psychic and energy healer who does everything she can to help you and your energy.


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