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You Can Recover Because... You Are a Miracle

Hi friends. Something magical has happened: a stump in my backyard has grown a tiny little branch, and on that branch are baby walnut leaves.

Now, I’ll tell you why this is a big deal:

This winter we had a massive snow and ice storm. Everything was covered with ice, and it was too dangerous to go outside. Power lines were down all over the city and state, and electricians from neighboring states had to come in to save us. Most of the city was out of power, and several trees in my neighborhood were down, including one that fell on a van just up the street. It was a huge, ancient, towering walnut, and it ruined the van, then hung over the street for a week, waiting for the arborists.

The tree was chopped into pieces, and the logs left laying along the side of the road. After about another two weeks, our neighbor came out with a chain saw and chopped it up some more, and that’s where I came in: I ran down and asked them if we could have some of the stumps for our backyard. Together, we rolled those heavy beasts up the street, around the side of our house, and placed them around a fire pit, in a play area, and set up a few as seats facing each other for conversations with friends.

And that’s where, months later, I found the tiny branch birthed from the side of a stump we placed by the blueberry bushes. A stump chopped from the tree that fell in the ice and crushed a car, then dangled over the street. This new growth was from a section of main trunk, a section which neither touched the ground or had branches previously. And here it was, deciding that it was still alive.

This is significant.

Within all of us is this beauty of life. Our life can feel like we’ve been through a huge storm that took us down. Then, we were broken into pieces. And then we were left to die. But, with time, we started to heal. We started to put down new roots. And we made tiny, baby leaves. Despite all odds and in the most surprising ways, we lived, we grew, and we healed into something new.

This is what happens with energy and clairvoyant healings, too. We take the distress and remove what we can. We take the parts that aren’t working, and we let them go. We whisper to our spirit to grow in the way that heals the most. We lean toward your sun and allow, and encourage, our inner spark of creativity to grow. So that we can begin living, even in the tiniest way, the li

fe we were meant to live. Our whole focus and aim is to let those tiny leaves come out…. And live.

This is why that little stump is the perfect metaphor for you, and why I wanted to share.

You are also a miracle.

You’ve been through the ringer and you’ve survived. And here you are. If we work together, then my whole job is to honor you and your tiny leaves, and the potential for your greatness. Your growth.

Always remember how powerful you are.

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